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The Spec Tesla Electric GT Championship Has Released Its Season One Schedule

Illustration for article titled The Spec Tesla Electric GT Championship Has Released Its Season One Schedule
Photo: EGT

Electric racing is taking over the motorsport world by storm. If you’re not already watching Formula E but are totally interested in seeing a bunch of Tesla Model S EGTs taking each other on, then you’re in luck. The Electric GT Championship, the self-proclaimed first ever zero-emissions racing series, has finally released the schedule for their first ever ten-round season, starting this November!


The first two rounds of the championship will be a double-header in Jerez on November 3-4, 2018. EGT’s official release was pretty vague, but here’s what else we know:

“The European rounds of the championship will also visit Paul Ricard (France), Nürburgring (Germany), TT Circuit Assen (Netherlands), Silverstone (United Kingdom) and Algarve Portimao Circuit (Portugal). Additional race locations on other continents will be confirmed later this year.”


That means there are two race weekends not quite confirmed yet, but that’s pretty understandable for a series still figuring things out. The first open-ended weekend will be in May, so there’s plenty of time to sort things out. And if you, like, me, want to see some actual dates on this calendar, then there’s a pretty neat calendar portal on their site to explore.

The format seems to be like a traditional race weekend: multiple days of racing, plus a showcase on technology and sustainability as part of the activities fans can engage with around the track. And you’ll also be able to check out eKarting and the eSports series, both of which will provide entertainment when you’re not watching the Teslas do their thing.

If you’re thinking about attending the opening round in Jerez, you can apply for free tickets on their ticketing site. Not to over-compare one electric series to another, but Formula E did a similar ticketing system for most of the races during their first season, and it seems like a pretty great way to get people in the door and talking about your series.

The EGT Championship had some hiccups getting things sorted out, but rest assured, they’re settled now. If you’re not already stoked, then we’ve already laid out the specs on the cars they’ll be driving. You’d have to be pretty anti-fun if you’re not dreaming up the possibilities about what a racing series of cars that can go zero-to-60 in two seconds could hold.

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