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You could be forgiven for thinking New Year's Eve is the most dangerous driving holiday, but you're wrong. Based on NHTSA data, New Year's Eve is actually the fifth most dangerous holiday for driving. The deadliest? Thanksgiving Day. The reason?


Apparently, heavy traffic, heavy drinking and even heavier eating combined with long trips and a strong desire to run into oncoming traffic after listening to your cousin explain what it's like in rehab equals instant death. Additionally, the study looked at three- and four-day holidays and while occasions like New Year's Eve can come on any day of the week, Thanksgiving Day always falls over a long-weekend, thus encouraging hitting the roads. The list in order below.

The Most Dangerous Holidays For Drivers

1. Thanksgiving
2. Independence Day
3. Memorial Day
4. Labor Day
5. New Year's Eve
6. Halloween


We think the advice here is to celebrate all of your holidays on Halloween weekend or make everyone come to you.

[Source: Forbes, Photo: Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images]

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