The Single Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen Done With A Motor Vehicle

GIF via P.O.R Stunts

Here is what not do do with a truck and the sensitive bits between your legs.

Fair warning: this looks like it hurts.

I—I. Um. What? Why? I’m curling up in a ball just looking at that.

The P.O.R Stunts YouTube channel describes itself as “the world’s most dangerous stunt group,” in the vein of the old CKY videos and the Jackass series that followed. However, sometimes I feel like they’re drawing inspiration from Ow, My Balls instead.

And thus, P.O.R definitely proved that jumping crotch-forward onto a board from a moving truck is a bad idea. You’ll likely injure both of your heads on the landing, for one. You don’t need to try this at home. Really. We insist that you don’t.

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I dunno, I still vote this #1