Of all the cars we saw at the Billetproof Nor-Cal show in Antioch, this split-window VW Type 2 pickup was the hands-down winner of our Rustiest Vehicle Award. Originally a plumber's work truck in Tennessee (you can just barely make out the lettering on the sides), this Transporter became so rust-ravaged that it was junked. After 25 years of quiet oxidation beneath a canopy of kudzu in the junkyard, this Splitty was purchased by a total madman devoted VW aficionado, who got it running and brought it to California. How rusty is it? Well, a friend of the Shitty Splitty's owner put it this way: "When we drove out here, I refused to drive behind it." OK, now you Midwesterners can let loose with a fusillade of "You California boys don't know the meaning of rust, you betcha!" comments.