The Secret Behind The 2010 Dodge Ram's New Tow Rating

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Shh! Don't tell anyone! We figured out the secret behind the 2010 Dodge Ram 1500's seemingly inexplicable increase in towing rating. It's Magic Spring Dust! See, we told ya it was magic. []

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This one time, I did a new lab experiment, crunched some numbers, and came up with an acceptable if low end result. Since the experiment was a new set up and I had a deadline for submitting the lab setup and expected results, I turned it in, and while some students got higher numbers, the science was still sound and it didn't keep anyone from performing the new experiment successfully and safely.

Over the course of the next year, I had some spare time, so I repeated the experiment I had laid out for the students. Low and behold, I found that my original results were too low! What to do, I thought? Right now, the numbers aren't quite right-I shouldn't list anything less than my best answers, even if what I have down isn't hurting anyone and errors on the side of caution. Plus, all the manuals we printed off already have my original results in them! I decided to just put the more accurate numbers in next year's edition.

Then some snarky, nitpicking blog noticed my changes and made some insulting photoshops. Thank goodness I corrected my previous work.