The Scariest Thing About Driving A $240,000 McLaren 570S Was Unloading It From A U-Haul Trailer

By now, you already know we drove a $240,000 McLaren 570S on a dirt track and made a video about it. What you don’t know, is the hardest part of that endeavor wasn’t driving the McLaren on the dirt track—it was driving the McLaren off the U-Haul trailer we used to get it there.


We arrived at the worst possible moment—Friday evening, just before a feature race. Hundreds of race fans were about to pour in through the gates of Eldora Speedway, and on the walk to their seats they’d pass a McLaren on a U-Haul trailer towed behind an RV with two bathrooms.

There was literally no option for screwing up this process. We still had to shoot our video, after all. So, with cameras rolling and onlookers watching, we performed one of those maneuvers that you’d search YouTube for with the word “fail” at the end of it.

If anyone out there needs advice with towing a supercar on the cheap, let me know. I may have a few words of advice for you.

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