The Jaguar E-Type is on every car-nuts must-have list as one of the most lust-worthy road-going cars ever produced. This guy managed to finally buy his own. It caught fire on the way home.

I work at a fire department in the Atlanta area and thought you guys might enjoy these pics. They're of a 1971 Jaguar that apparently had just been purchased that day and somehow caught fire before the guy got home with it. I never found out what caused the passenger compartment fire or how devastated the new owner was but that's a friend of mine putting it out. And just so you know, he's not sitting there letting it burn in the first pic - he's waiting for the engineer to get water to him from the pump so he can put it out.

We're man enough to admit if this happened to our newly-purchased E-Type, we'd cry. Like a little girl. Not only is it an E-type, it's a fastback, and it's the incredibly desirable 1971 with the lighter and more reliable 4.2 liter straight six and without the hideous Federally mandated rubber block bumpers that came in 1972. Like little girls, we'd cry. (Hat tip to Ryan!)