The Rules Of Riding On The Back Of Another Man's Motorcycle

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Besides chain smoking, or being a 1960s movie star, nothing makes you look sexier than riding a motorcycle. But when you’re a man it’s awfully hard to look cool on the back of another man’s bike, an unceremonious position referred to as “riding bitch.”


Is there a way to ride bitch while looking cool, sexy and detached — and avoiding any unfortunate ball-to-ass contact? Filmmaker Alex Vivian shows how to do it in this short.

All of these are great suggestions. I think the best way to go here is the rodeo thing. Women love cowboys. FACT.


Or, you know, you could stop being hilariously insecure and just ride. That works even better.

Hat tip to Autoblog!

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The best rule is to hang on tightly when riding on the baaaack.