The Roomia, Sportia '84 Cordia!

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Let's continue our Cordia weekend with this inspiring ad from Australia.


Do you think Laura Branigan got any royalties for the thinly-veiled version of her song? Maybe! In any case, we especially like the cult-leader white jumpsuit on the bearded dude in the red Cordia. Man, woman, and dog roam the outback in their Cordias, looking for recruits at their sinister picnics. Cordia! Roomia!

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7shades: uɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ uǝʞoʇ

Funny story. I heard tell on the grapevine that there was a ridiculously low mileage two door liftback from the 80's living under a tree at a farm about two hours drive from me. Apparently the farmer's son had purchased this mystery car, spend a heap of time and money on it, but then was called away for military duties so the farmer just wanted it gone.

I eventually found the guy's phone number and quizzed him about it...

"Ah yeah mate, its here, come and get it out of my life. I think its some sort of Toyota... Its got turbo stickers on the side if thats any help"

Ooooh methinks.... Toyota, 80's vintage, 2 doors, liftback... Maybe its an AE86? RA60 Celica perhaps?

Regardless, I was enthusiastic about picking up an old school rwd toyota of some description, especially if someone had already boosted it.

Imagine my utter dismay when I arrived after hauling the car trailer 2 hours into the middle of bumfuck nowhere to see a dirty stinkin' Cordia under that tree.

I took it, and sold it to the recyclers on the way home. Made enough money to cover my fuel and a bottle of booze.