The motto says "The 4-wheel bike that drives like a car," which we hope means it pulls in excess of 1.0 g's. Like many cars, the quadracycle is built from 16 gauge steel tubes and has 20-inch wheels a few inches thick. Rhoades offers quite the model range, from a single-seater all the way up to a long-frame four seater with optional cargo area. There's even the Go-Boy, an industrial use quad for construction workers not afraid to look just a little ridiculous. Forget hybrids and fuel-cells, clearly the Rhoades Car is the car-bike of the future. At $2,465 for the fully loaded four seater, this is truly our answer to the Tata Nano. "Interesting information" from the company below the jump.

Interesting information about 4 Wheel Bikes

Some of the early 4 wheel bikes at the turn of the century were called Velocars. Today they are commonly referred to as quadracycles, quad cycles, quad recumbents, recumbent quads or Four Wheel Bikes.

Four wheel bikes are found in many configurations. There are one seat models, two seat models, as well as four seat models.

4 Wheel Bikes are increasingly used for serious transportation as well as recreation.
The single seat models are far more stable than than a regular recumbent.
The 2 seat models are more stable and comfortable than tandem bicycles.
The 4 seat models offer far more capacity than other bikes.
They are often used in place of rickshaws, pedicabs, or other types of pedal taxis.

[Source: Rhoades Car]