Do we all understand that the Fuelshark is useless? OK, good.

Jason debunked it and pretty much eliminated the slightest thought that some plastic in your 12-volt socket would save any fuel whatsoever. In fact, he thinks buying a bunch of olives is a cheaper solution.

Just remember, Matt Brown, your outcome might be different:

I put olive in my 12V socket and it didn't work. Prepared to be sued, Torchinsky.


And then Jason:

Wait wait wait. Pimento side in or out?

Oh, here's the problem:

I don't know, I kind of just poured my martini into the socket.

And GeneralAkbar:

That should have worked. How much energy is stored in a couple ounces of 80-proof?


The lesson? Your results may vary depending on what's in your martini.