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Earlier this week we showed you an illustrated guide to F1's latest rule changes. Now, Sniff Petrol's got the scoop on the F1 rule changes that didn't make it. Here they are.

●Ferrari to agree in advance which rules they're going to ignore.
●Michael Schumacher allowed to pretend he wasn't in 2010 season.
●All teams to use 1.6-litre turbo four-cylinder engine from Fiesta RS Turbo.
●Ferrari allowed to ignore agreement about which rules they're ignoring.
●Karun Chandhok to be re-classified as a ‘removable device'.
●All teams allowed to buy sixth engine from scrapyard.
●Stefano Domenicali limited to 50 appearances on BBC F1 coverage per season.
●Nankang to become second tyre supplier from 2012.
●All teams permitted to fit new air filter to Fiesta RS Turbo engine and then claim ‘XTRA 50BHP!!!!!!!!!'
●Kamui Kobayashi limited to four ambitious overtaking moves per season.
●Korean Grand Prix to become 35 percent less muddy by 2014.
●Eddie Jordan limited to 900 tons of bullshit per season.
●Bernd Maylander in a Mercedes SLS to be recognised as an official world championship entry.
●A minimum of five teams called Lotus by 2013.


[via Sniff Petrol]

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