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Many, many moons ago my band practiced next to a garage filled with speed freaks. Three dudes, who shall remain nameless, sat inside all day, every day, chain smoking, blowing lines and building stuff. One day I showed up for practice and my formerly 600 watt bass amp now pumped out 6,000 watts. Sure, it sounded like a lawnmower attacking a raccoon, but that wasn't necessarily bad for my band's sound. They also made a remote control ashtray out of zip-line toys and last I heard they were working on a "force field." Then the DEA showed up and raided the hell out of the garage and there was some sort of stabbing in Florida. But pay no mind. Even if those boys had freebased an entire '56 Harley gas tank full of Modesto's finest, they would have never been able to top this masterpiece.


We're going to let the owner do all the talking here, while we just sit back in admiration:

1979 Fiat X/19

400 C.I. small block Chevy. Tornado transaxle all metal body engine in rear. 400 + horsepower. Lot of goodies, electric exhaust dumps.

Does idle rough, big camshaft. No power steering or power brakes.

Is streetable, but is an eye catcher sitting still.

Not only an "eye catcher," but apparently a cattle catcher, too. And only $19,000? Gary and Janet would be proud.

Illustration for article titled The Real Speed Racer: Modified Fiat X/19

Killer dash, dude.

(Tip of the non-ironic trucker cap to Derek for the tip) [eBay Motors]

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