I was going to save these (and only these) for the bizarrely absent Judge Phil, who asked me to take photos of the 24 Hours of LeMons race this weekend. Unfortunately, I have the “For Phil” folder open now to give you all nightmares. PSA: LeMons teams bend over a lot, and others just like showing off their butts.

Some butts weren’t even human butts. This was a mannequin whose limbs broke.

Zebra butts were also represented today during BS Inspections.


Sticker butts, too.

Headless doll butts as well.


...and have you ever noticed that the BMW grille kind of looks like a butt? It does when it’s on the back of someone else’s racecar.

Most of the butts were attached to a human.


Quite frequently, it’s unintentional butt.



Of all the team butts out there, Sorry For Party Racing had the least shame about their butts. They’re here for the party! (So are their butts.)


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