This is the Land Rover Range Rover Long Wheelbase Autobiography Black. It has a preposterously long name, but the "long wheelbase" part is what you should take note. Study the outside of the car all you want, but it basically looks like a Range Rover. It's inside, though, where bigger means better.

The Range Rover is already a big, plush car. The stretched version, however, makes it bigger and plusher in the places it counts for luxury buyers. We've also learned it's going to be the most expensive Range Rover. Ever. It was launched earlier this month in Dubai, which is likely to be a popular home for longer, luxury-er Rangies.

But it's definitely worth it if you're super tall. I'm not, but that driver's seat was all the way back and I had absolutely no complaints about legroom. In fact, it's only when you sit in the commoner's Range Rover that you really appreciate the difference. Footrests are an option, but there's nothing too unusal about those.

Opt for the Executive Class individual chairs in the back and the number of business associates who can travel in the back drops to two. However, the two who get to come along are treated to a plush center console with a lot of controls and these substantial-ish trays that swivel out of the console. Land Rover was probably jealous that picnic trays were reserved for their Jaguar stablemates up until this point, hence the tray oneupmanship.

The seats also electrically adjust. Except in this one, where they didn't seem to be working or maybe I'm just a moron.


No worries, though. It's a classy package if you want the biggest, plushest limo that just happens to have four-wheel drive and goes anywhere business takes you. Whatever business that is.