The Rallye Monte Carlo's Stage Roads Will Be Entertainingly Terrible

Here's the RGT-class Porsche 911 of François Delecour again, testing before the Rallye Monte Carlo. Unlike his previous flyby video, he's having a bit more trouble putting the power down on these roads.


The Rallye Monte Carlo is known for mixed conditions if anything: some snow, some dry, and like in this video, some butt turrible slicks of ice.


Ever seen a rally car struggle? I mean, really, really struggle? The Porsche is helped out by the weight over its drive wheels, but the slicks of ice still make it extremely difficult for them to get traction on any part of the road.

Roads half-covered in ice and half-snow? Yes, please. This week's Rallye Monte Carlo is going to be a blast.

This video comes to us via Axis of Oversteer's great overview of the World Rally Championship's new RGT spec, which is worth a read over there.

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I see at least 3 photographers that should have their media credentials shredded based on the location of where they stand. Inside of the corner on a don't cut corner. Jesus people.