The Prius is Pimped: Barris's Hybrid Toyota

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Back in 2005, the New York Times was all, "Hey George Barris, betcha can't do your kandy kustom spiel with a Toyota Prius." Barris was all, "Listen twerps, I did the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 while you were listening to Foreigner 4 and stuffing Funyuns in your pie holes. I accept your challenge." Of course it didn't start that way, but it did end up with a Barrisized Prius of the kandy kolored persuasion, at a mere $10,000 over sticker. OK, so it's no Drag-u-La.

Barris Prius []

It s The Love Machine! It s The Hill Valley Transporter! It s Super Van! [internal]


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