The Prius Halo Effect Continues?

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So maybe one of us is a conspiracy theorist when it comes to whether the Prius casts a green marketing halo over the entire Toyota lineup. Sometimes however, the one of us who believes it is able to provide some evidence for why he may not be wrong. Like this example we found this morning. If there's one site you'd expect the new Toyota Tundra — or any light- or medium-duty pickup truck — to not be covered on, it would be an enviro-friendly site like GreenCarCongress. Yet, for some odd reason, they've just put up a story on Toyota offering the Tundra pickup in 13 additional trim variations. We mean, we'd understand if Toyota were adding models with active fuel management, E85, diesel — anything that may remotely have to do with being more fuel efficient. But new trim packages? [GreenCarCongress]


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