The Price is Right Gives Winner Wrong GTO

"The price is wrong, Bitch!" A contestant on the The Price is Right is suing the show, claiming that the 2004 Pontiac GTO she received was a lemon (hopefully, she read our overview of Lemon Laws.) After paying taxes and license fees for her prize she was told the car on the stage had mechanical problems and she would have to wait for it. When the car was delivered it was a different car and had more miles on the odometer than the Goat she was promised. And then it gets worse.


A few months later she took the car to a local shop for service and was told the car had major damage to the frame that had been concealed by the company that supplied the car. Oops. While this is probably the fault of the dealership that provided the car and not the Barker Beauties, someone better step up to correct this problem lest we shake the foundations of yet another American institution. [Reuters]

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