OMG! So, if you happen to have your TV on tonight at 11:30 EST, you may want to flip over to Comedy Central's Colbert Report as we've buried our hatchet with Stephen (we know he's apologized in his heart). I'll be appearing on tonight's show (depending on whether they run the piece tonight โ€” I've been told these things are mighty finicky) in a taped segment (sorry guys, no head-to-head a la Lutz) on Hummer. I've no idea whether I'll be pro-Hummer, anti-Hummer or somewhere in between. What I do know is that I'm more than likely going to look like an ass. You know what? I'm OK with that. But, as we always do, regardless of the outlet, it's now time for another round of the world's only Official Car Pundit Drinking Game. So, as I join "Maximum" Bob Lutz as the only other car guy to make it on The Report, what're tonight's rules?
UPDATE: I've just been told I literally have two lines. So make these rules count commentariat!