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On Notice! Stephen Colbert Steals Rightfully Stolen Video, Jalopnik Demands An Apology

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

That's right Stephen, you're now on notice — and you're not coming off notice until you apologize..and you know what it's for. But for those of you following along at home who don't know, last week, the right-wing talking head of talking heads ran a piece on the new ad campaign for the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado. The cantankerous Colbert provided the obligatory big business back rub, giving a tip of the hat to the ol' General — including Chevy's decision to pander by including the image of Rosa Parks in the Amerigasm that is the "Our Country, Our Truck" advert. Although normally we'd be allright with a Reilly-esque pundificator like Colbert trying to fluff General Motors a bit — because that's how a right-wing neo-con rolls, right? Instead...we're furious. That's because Colbert and his little henchmen at the Report...


...took the video of the rough-cut of the commercial — video we rightfully conned out of the General — and used it without attributing it to us here at Jalopnik. In fact, they even went so far as to attribute the video as coming from General Motors.


That type of intellectual dishonesty will not be tolerated, Mr. Colbert (and yes, we're pronouncing the "t" here, because that's how real Americans do it). When a journalist or "web logger" takes something not their own and slaps a pre-roll on the front of it with their name and puts it up on YouTube, that's as good as if they made it themselves, and that means it's ours Stephen. And that means you stole it. And until you apologize, you're now officially on notice. And that means although we recognize you are alive and living, we won't be watching your show...we won't be buying any more of the Lady Nocturne adventures graphic novels...and we certainly won't be buying any of your commemorative mugs from the Colbert Report store ( no matter how great a gift they may make) until we get an apology.

UPDATE: Ad Watch Exclusive: Stephen Colbert, Don't Steal This Chevy Silverado Commercial Too!

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