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The Portable Crosswalk

Illustration for article titled The Portable Crosswalk

Tired of walking allll the way down the block to find a crosswalk? Well labor unnecessarily no more. The Portable Crosswalk will shave untold minutes on your journey from a to b, allowing you to cross busy streets at the drop of a long piece of vinyl. Capable of rolling up into a conveniently sized bundle, this is easily the most convenient and affordable personal street crossing system in the world. Cub Scout packs and Jaywalkers anonymous groups enquire for group discounts. Caution: Care should be taken while deploying the Portable Crosswalk system on busy streets. May not be legal in all 50 states. [Via The International Chindogu Society]


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They could do special editions like the Detroit edition complete with stop sticks, color coordinated RPG and Kevlar vest.