The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Was Made For Donuts

GIF via Munch997

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, an annual tradition where people get way too excited about cars going up a driveway, had one epic present from the folks at Porsche: the new fastest 911 ever, the 911 GT2 RS. You bet your trunk full of engine it’ll do some rad donuts.

I may be the world’s biggest Goodwood curmudgeon, but they do have a good pad for donuts. That 700 horsepower twin-turbo flat six is the thing of hopes, dreams and unicorn tears, capable of smoking the meats like a pro.


Bonus: a 911 GT3s enters the same pad of concrete and lights ‘em up like it’s an Aussie burnout contest. I’m in love with all of these cars. Yes, love. It’s love at first burnout.

Here’s a closer look at the GT2 RS doing one of the essential tricks that any high-horsepower car should be able to do. My goodness, it’s wonderful.

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