The Picture Proving Men Like Cars More Than They Like Women

Why is this blonde scowling at the camera? Because she's being ignored. The object at the root of her furious anger makes the full picture, below the jump, hilarious.


She, and her deux amis are pitch girls in front of a parked display in Paris, France advertising a European drink called Oasis. Trouble is they're being completely upstaged by the Lamborghini Gallardo in a display advertising Need For Speed: Shift. Keep in mind those are Frenchmen back there ignoring a trio of ladies, and instead playing video games and gawking at an Italian exotic. In this context, the blonde's cold scowl is nothing short of hilarious. Thanks to tipster "Ant" for sending us this photographic proof that guys think cars are better than girls. [anthonygrimley's Flickrstream]

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