It is physically impossible not to like the Pagani Hauyra. It is the ultimate expression of motoring joy and passion, combining striking looks with alien design. And even the blind can enjoy it, when they hear it on a cold-start up and screaming down the track.

The always-wonderful photographer Marchettino shot this Pagani at Monza, and it looks like the perfect car paired with one of the most perfect tracks.


I'm not sure I'd take mine in a gold-and-matte-gray wrap (but if you're offering I will never say no what are you crazy) but that doesn't matter when you've got that aching beauty oozing out of the car's every orifice. Throw in the absolutely massive speed it can churn out, the fully-functional active aerodynamics which are just the coolest thing in the world because it's a goddamn fighter jet, and that beautiful noise, and, well, you've just about got the most desirable car in the universe right now.

It doesn't hurt that the engine seems to be leaping out of its confines. Fantastic.

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