The "Orange and Black" Edition Subaru WRX is both "Orange" and "Black"

Subaru unveils "Orange And Black" edition Subaru WRX and Subaru WRX STI at SEMA. They're special because they're Black… and Orange.

We guess they don't want people to get distracted from the new tuned BRZ models.

The Special Edition line-up is limited to just 200 WRX sedans and 100 WRX STI sedans. For a true custom look, the WRX Special Edition features the dark interior trim from the WRX STI, including a black headliner. The Special Edition orange interior is also applied to the stitching on the seats, doors and shift boot, and custom orange trimmed floor mats. The WRX STI also features front fog lamps. - Subaru PR


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