Illustration for article titled ​The Opel Ampera Will Die Next Year

The Opel Ampera, GM's rebadged and slightly reskinned version of the Chevy Volt, will shuffle off this mortal coil in Europe after sales have slowed from a trickle to a slightly leaky faucet that almost keeps you up at night.


How bad is it? In 2013, Opel sold 3,184 Amperas. In 2014, only 332 Opelized Volts left dealer lots. Just for comparison, in the U.S., Chevy offloaded over 23,000 Volts last year and June was the Volt's biggest sales month of 2014, with 1,777 units sold.

Automotive News puts an even finer point on it, with the fun fact that Germany – Opel's home market – only bought 46 Amperas this year, just over half the number of Ferrari F12s (83) sold in Germany so far in 2014.

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