The only way a Chrysler Sebring could ever top a Deuce coupe

So you're sitting a home on a rainy Sunday, y'know, not doing anything, 'cuz its raining, the Sawx aren't on and there's no point in taking the cherry '32 Ford Deuce out in weather. Suddenly the bumper of a fawking Sebring's giving you a lap dance.

Listen, this is the weirdest thing. We get the guy out of his Sebring, says he blacked out or something, was all apologetic and not hurt. Cops come, say it looks like he hit a pole out on Route 3A at the speed of sound, flipped around four lanes of traffic backwards and then went airborne until the descent from gravity's rainbow was cushioned by my living room. And the Deuce. And my chopper. Fawk it all.


But hey, I'm not complaining. I'm just lucky. Even the TV news says so.

H/T to Drew

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