The Only Part Of The 220-Lb Lighter 2016 Mazda Miata You Need To See

The Mazda Miata has never been a heavyweight. No sir. It's actually been one of the lightest and liveliest little bachelor's sports mobiles around. But the next gen car is going on a crash diet and has lost 220 pounds, or basically the weight of a Miata.


The rumors of Mazda showing the entire new Miata here at the NY show have turned out to be total bunk. But they are still showing the all new chassis, which is, of course, Skyactiv. They aren't saying how much stiffer it is, but I'd assume it's on the order of "some."

In order to not leave us totally high and dry, Mazda is also showing off a 25th Anniversary Edition Miata, which is a Miata with all sorts of nice little bits like a Soul Red exterior and an interior that "opens up brightly as a luxury lounge." Mazda will only be bringing 100 of the special edition cars to the USA.

It's a nice little stop-gap before we see the next Miata at the Chicago Auto Show next year, like they've already announced.

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