The Oldest Indian In The World Is For Sale

The venerable old Kiwi Burt Munro may have been able to make it the world's fastest Indian, but in its unrestored, unimproved condition, a 1903 Indian motorcycle is the world's oldest Indian, and it's for sale. The ancient two-wheeler goes up for auction in Frederick, Md. on April 21, although there's no telling how much it'll fetch.

At one time, the motorcycle — which shares more in common with those noisy motorized bicycles people ride around when they've gotten too many DUIs than it does with modern motorbikes — coughed out 1.75 horsepower. The old Indian is unrestored and doesn't currently run, but it does have all of its parts; unusual for something that old.


Fox News found some experts somewhere who suppose that the world's oldest Indian could go for anywhere from $65,000 to $500,000. But no one really knows how much the thing is worth. We'll have to wait for the market to speak, and let the highest bidder do his (or her) bidding.

Photo credit: The Library of Congress (Note: the Indian pictured above is not the one for sale. See that photo here.

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