The Official Not-So-Big Three Congressional Hearing Drinking Game!

We know it's the middle of the day, but it's Friday and we ain't got shit to do other than watch this three-ring not-so-Big Three circus. Luckily, a friend sent in an idea for a drinking game. Their rules below the jump, let's make up some of our own in the comments.

One sip for every time Bob Nardelli says, "I don't know."
Two sips for every time Bob Nardelli says, "I'm new to this industry."
Chug when Nardelli mentions Home Depot.
Drink entire six pack if Nardelli leaps across the conference table to strangle member of Congress.


Also, sorry about the Chevy shot glass rather than a GM one. I couldn't quickly find one with a GM logo, and I didn't want to waste precious drinking time.

Also, if you're looking for a full live-blog, head on over to Speed:Sport:Life. They've got some fun stuff going on over there.

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