The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Chrysler Goes Swiss Edition

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As in neutral, which is where the talks on the challenge of selling off the 'merican side of the German-American not-so-much-equal merger's been for the past two weeks. And by neutral, we mean gunnin' the engine, but not going anywhere. So while one member of the Jalopnik team's been drinking hot chocolat by the chalet fireplace, our intrepid associate editor from Detroit's had his nose deep in the financial books trying to divine some sense from the conflicting reports on who wants what out of the Chrysler Group. The latest talk's been of a private equity group jumping into the mix, and many a civvie wearing a Visitor tag's been seen over in Auburn Hills the past couple of days as the capital fund boys n' girls have been doing their own tea leaf reading. That must be why the folks at CNBC's On The Money have asked our intrepid main man from the D to grace them with his presence this evening at 7:30 EST. So while we let the nose powdering commence, why don't y'all come up with some new rules for Wert? If you're confused, as always, use this as a guide.

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