After a brutal crash at the Nürburgring last March resulted in the death of a spectator, track organizers had to step back and examine their safety situation. Speed limits were slapped on, feeding rumors that “The Green Hell” would lose its character. Don’t worry, the track will be running full noise again next year.


At round table discussion on August 17, Managing Director of CNG (the organization that operates the Nürburgring) Carsten Schumacher explained in a press release that safety was a top priority and that sixteen specific measures would be implemented to insure it.

“Together with all those involved, we responded to the accident by carrying out a detailed analysis of the situation and compiling targeted measures to further increase active and passive safety, and especially the safety of spectators along the Nordschleife.”

Before November of this year, the track is planning to install additional guardrails, FIA-approved safety fences “and a restricted zone in the Schwedenkreuz.” Even more protection will be going up “along the Döttinger Höhe section to better protect the adjacent federal road.”

They’re also repaving part of the track.


“Based on detailed measurement, we will renew the track surface in the Flugplatz section over a length of about 500 meters, smoothing out five bumps which are the result of years of high utilization and heavy use of the Nordschleife,” said Schumacher.

And yes, the speed limit will be coming off.

“The unique character of the Nordschleife will be preserved. That’s not only important for motor racing but also for the industry, which has been testing its vehicles on this unique race track for decades,” Schumacher assures us.


The next step is for the Nürburgring to submit a complete list of their proposed updates to the German motor sport association DMSB, who will forward it to the Circuit Commission of the International Automobile Federation FIA.

Once the paper work’s been signed the paving can begin, and then the next Nürburgring season can rage on with more opportunities to set absurd speed records in a safer environment for people in cars and on the sidelines.


Hat tip to TTAC and Piston Heads! Images via Aston Martin, CNG

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