The Norman Timbs Buick Special

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The folks over at Jalopy Journal dug up a real gem the other day, the Norman Timbs Buick Special . The car was built in the late forties by the racecar designer and cost the princley sum of about $10,000 to put together. The aluminum body over tube frame stretches out to 17.5′ long (same as my Lincoln) with a 117″ wheelbase and a track of 56″. The luggage compartment is up front, engine behind the driver, fuel tank in the rear, with the one piece rear section lifted hydraulically. Total curb weight around 2200lbs. The car was recently found and is undergoing restoration at Custom Auto in Loveland, Colorado where they're posting progress pictures as they go. We sense a collectors frenzy when this thing is complete.

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Jeff Glucker

What you gonna do with all those humps...