The Nissan Sway Concept is what Nissan sees for the future of hatchbacks and what will appeal to the European market. Ignore that Nissan uses buzzwords like "emotional, edgy, and exciting," this is what we can expect from the brand's small cars in the future.

Of course, right now the Sway is strictly a styling concept without a powertrain, but we're digging the creased-like-acid-wash-jeans look. It's oddly reminiscent of the iDX concepts that appeared not too long ago and are yet to be built.

The front uses a dominating grille, like Audi, and it has a lot of sharp angles and intersecting lines to make it look fast and aggressive, kind of a baby GT-R.


Inside, we have an interior that'll never make it to production no matter how hard we pray. It has great looking seats, a chunky little wheel, and an artful gear shift.


We can look for design elements of the Sway to pop up in a toned down form on the upcoming Micra, which is due for a replacement and is also a very Euro-centric car. Will we see it here? Probably not. Instead we'll get things like the alien squid design of the Maxima.