‘The Nissan GT-R's Rough Around The Edges Persona Is A Throwback’

Travis really seemed to like the 2014 Nissan GT-R he drove recently. Considering its insane performance, there's not much there to dislike. But how did Travis' hero John Davis like the now-with-530-horses GT-R when he had it?


It turns out Mr. Davis and the MotorWeek crew came to a similar conclusion. They found it to have drag strip times that were nothing to sneeze at, with power launches leave you "holding on for dear life."


Also, its speed is enough to make you re-evaluate your life choices, he says, even if the engine sounds like a kitchen appliance.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

MotorWeek Theater is our showcase of some of our favorite classic reviews from public television's finest motoring program and in this case some random old British car show. How does this video only have 137,775 views on YouTube? It's fast enough to make you say O-M-GT-R!

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Patrick George

That's two stories in one day that have a complaint about the GT-R's noise. Here's mine:

A couple years ago I'm at an HPDE outside of Austin. There's a mix of cars there: my WRX, some Miatas, 240SX-es, Civics, the usual. Then a guy pulls up in a new GT-R. It's obviously the most powerful and expensive car there, so we're thrilled to see it.

We all slide up to hear its exhaust note when he starts it, and then... nothing. It's so quiet. It sounds like your dad's four-banger Altima, man. It's a huge letdown for everyone.

The car was a beast on the track, of course, but the sound was disappointing. I haven't driven one of these yet (I feel like the last auto writer on the planet who hasn't) but I'm eager to see if it sounds better in the cockpit.