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The Nissan Gripz Concept Is The Z-Inspired Crossover We Were Worried About

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Nissan Z crossover is happening. Well, kind of. Today Nissan teased a concept coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show called the Gripz, and it takes cues from one very famous older Z and... bicycle racing?

We don’t know much about the Gripz yet beyond this teaser video, and the promise of “a new sporty direction for a Crossover concept [that] was conceived to create an innovative new driving sensation.” Okay.

It seems that the Gripz is inspired by the famed red and black Safari Rally Zs of the 1970s, as well as road cycling, somehow. Beyond that, no details, although the “PRND” on the chronograph gauges have me a bit concerned.


Again, we have no idea what form this car will ultimately take — if the next Z will be a crossover, or it will be a family of cars including a crossover, or if it won’t see production at all. (Or, as many of you point out, the next Juke, which really wouldn’t be so bad because the Juke happens to be a lot of fun.)


No clue yet. But I eagerly await this thing’s debut at Frankfurt so we can see more of it.

See anything interesting from the teaser video?

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