The Nissan 370Z Now Costs Less Than $30,000

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Nissan's following the news of its profitable second quarter with a little present for all of you Z-car fans: They're dropping the price by more than $3,000. That means the base price price of a new Nissan 370Z is under $30,000 if you get the one with a manual transmission, which is the way you wanted it anyways.

The 370Z, which I've always liked, hasn't been seriously updated in a few years and thus has sort of been forgotten by all but the biggest NISMOids. Sales for the 370Z dropped to just 590 units last month, down 18.1% year-over-year. That's actually an improvement as the Z is down 28.1% through the first six months of 2013 compared to 2012.

Their loss is your gain, with the price of the base model dropping $3,130 and the Touring model down $2,550. Here are the full prices:

  • 370Z Coupe 6MT $29,990 USD
  • 370Z Coupe 7AT $31,290USD
  • 370Z Coupe Touring 6MT $35,270 USD
  • 370Z Coupe Touring 7AT $36,570 USD
  • 370Z Coupe NISMO $43,020 USD
  • 370Z Roadster 7AT $41,470 USD
  • 370Z Roadster Touring 6MT $44,170 USD
  • 370Z Roadster Touring 7AT $45,470 USD

All of these prices do not include the $790 Destination and Handling charge.

Nice price or crack pipe?

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For Sweden

Another too-heavy sport coupe that sells for less than $30,000. At least this one has a V8.