The Next BMW 3 Series Will Have An All-Electric Version: Report

The BMW 330 iPerformance gas/electric hybrid has already been confirmed. (Image: BMW)
The BMW 330 iPerformance gas/electric hybrid has already been confirmed. (Image: BMW)

We know the 2018 BMW 3 Series will have a high-performance hybrid trim, and undoubtedly regular-ass gas variants too. But now we’re hearing the next 3 will also get a full-electric version at some point in its next-gen (G20) model run.


AutoExpress reports that the same modular carbon fiber assembly BMW uses in the 7 Series and “BMW’s engineers are said to be working on the installation of a 90kWh battery pack, potentially giving the 3 Series EV – which is likely to carry the badge eDrive Sport – a range of around 300 miles.”

AutoExpress added that they expect the next-gen 3 Series to drop at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, with this electric version bowing closer to 2020.

Naturally we reached out to BMW’s representatives for comment but it’s unlikely they will confirm or deny, and AutoExpress’ source is anonymous of course.

The obvious inclination here is to call it a “Tesla Model 3 fighter,” and what would be more 2016 than stoking rivalries between an unreleased boutique company’s drivable prototype and a hypothetical future product?

BMW has already proven they’re committed to electrification. They may have started with extremes of efficiency (i3) and performance (i8) but now that the concept of electrification is picking up mainstream acceptance they’re in a great position to build a pretty, performing and practical electric car.

As for Tesla, I guess I’ll reserve judgement until I get a few more miles in a Model 3!


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I will get extremely angry if the model designation doesn’t match the battery amperage.