We hear the "breathing hole" on the nose of the new Ferrari F1 car will, in addition to providing a more efficient Ferrari front wing with less drag for increased top speed, also help with those annoying bouts of severe sleep apnea. Also, all the other kids at school would still be laughing at Ferrari's little bubbaleh if they hadn't gotten it done for her. And for those of you who can't-a speak-a the Italian-a, we've got a helpful translation of the gist of the animation above after the jump thanks to the F1 fan-boys over at Axis Of Oversteer

"a channel joins the lower section of the nose to the upper, with an inverted profile wing inserted at the channel's exit. The basic purpose of this configuration is to relieve the negative effects of the high pressure area under the nose which creates an aerodynamic obstruction as the speed increases."

You'll be able to check out Dr. Schlotkin's handiwork for real this weekend in Spain. [La Gazetta dello Sport via Axis Of Oversteer]