The Newest Honda Is Freakin' Adorable

This is the Honda N-One and it’s as OMG/SQUEE/CUTE/ as a bunch of piggies frolicking around with some pumpkins. We want to buy one and cuddle with it.


Honda tells us the N-One will have a 660cc engine with an optional turbocharger, but we’d just want to feed it puppy chow, or maybe some fresh apples because lookit its widdle face I wanna squeeze it.

Also, the little caster-grade wheels make it look a bit like a Corgi. Someone needs to re-make this .gif, but with little Honda N-Ones.


You can even get it in four wheel drive. It goes on sale tomorrow and if I don’t see people hooning these things through fresh Japanese snowfall this winter, I’m gonna start punching babies.


Prices start at 1,150,000 Yen ($14,400USD) with front wheel drive and go up to 1,707,750 Yen ($21,300USD) with four wheel drive. I’m thinking of flying to Japan and smuggling one back in my luggage.

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