The New Supra Looks Best In White, Just Like the 2000GT

Image: Toyota

The new Supra isn’t coming soon. It’s here, and there’s already a color that looks best. Some of us around here can’t get enough of the Nitro Yellow the car comes in, and it’s hard to blame them. A shouty car ought to be a shouty color, right? You didn’t buy a Supra to have it ignored along the curb, did you?

Just one thing though. There’s a better color that BMWToyota will slap on your new sports car: Absolute Zero White.


Not every car can pull off a white paint job. Slabbier sedans and crossovers tend to look like washing machines in base-spec white, and white vans are a phenomenon. The Supra, though, makes the most of its white paint, with its bulges, folds, and creases throwing shadows around.

Now, this would be a much more difficult argument to make if the car didn’t just look good in white, but it still wouldn’t be hard. Why? Because even though this new car is a Supra, it’s actually got quite a bit in common with the 2000GT, Toyota’s first real halo car.


Like the 2000GT, the Supra has a straight-6 powering the rear wheels, was born of a joint project with another firm (Yamaha, in the 2000GT’s case), and has a baby brother (the 86 to the 2000GT’s 800GT). The 2000GT also only had two seats, a feature it shares with the new Supra but not Supras past.


More important than any of those commonalities, though, is how good both the cars look in white. Many press photos of the 2000GT (and the one-off convertible version driven by James Bond in You Only Live Twice) were painted a simple non-metallic white that showed off the sculpted shape of the 2000GT.

Bond’s 2000GT
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The 2000GT rocked the white paint job, and the 2020 Supra will too. You’ll see. You’ll come around. I promise.

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