The compact family/grocery/guy in a cheap suit/whatever you throw at it-hauler Opel Astra is that brand’s most important car, and this K-generation had better sell like hotcakes now that General Motors is down $900 million. But why wouldn’t it?

The Astra has to beat all the Skoda Octavias, assorted Volkswagen Golfs, Kia Cee’ds and Ford Focuses the European market can throw at it. But it’s done that before, and this fifth-generation certainly looks handsome enough to do the same.

This is our idea of an affordable Buick hatchback. I dare to call it a Buick because you can get it with a full leather interior and all the gizmos that are expected in a car nowadays, so if you have the means, the Astra can be more than your average commuter car.

Of course fleet sales are the most important in this segment, and since business-minded buyers in their late 20s will pick a wagon from the list nine out of ten times, Opel made sure they have what they are looking for.


The Astra Sport Tourer is about 15 inches longer than the hatchback and opens its boot automatically, giving you the opportunity to pack it full of children’s toys.


I think it’s sexy enough, so well done Mr. Mark Adams! We know they were counting the cents behind your back!

Opel buyers like a logical interior more than anything, and the 2016 Astra does not disappoint. Good luck getting lost in here!


What do you think, America?

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik


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