The new Nürburgring production car lap time leader is a Dodge

Nürburgring track blog Bridge To Gantry took up the mantle of sorting out which street-legal production vehicle — not track-only trailer queen — holds the current lap record. Meet the new king of the 'ring, the 2009 Dodge Viper ACR.

The list comes with more than a few points of contention; the Porsche GT2 RS was disqualified for lack of video proof, and there's a large class of kinda-production models — like the Gumpert Apollo that can be street-driven in parts of the world but not in others — easily besting the Viper's 7:22.1 time. We can only hope these disputes get settled in blazing laps of glory, assuming there's still a Nürburgring to lap.


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