The sixth generation Ford Mustang is making its way to Britain, and I’ve been anticipating how the cousins across the pond would take it considering their heritage of Ford’s less-muscle-y, more hot-hatch-y performance cars.

It turns out, they love it. EVO gave a glowing—if grounded—review, and this new video by the folks at Carfection comes to a similar conclusion.


Despite the cheap plastics; despite it’s tendency to do “slidy-things”; despite its commanding and big look, they love it.

They love it because its gimmicks work, and I don’t mean gimmicks to be demeaning.

A Mustang comes with a history and legacy, switches made with cheap materials but make up for it just by looking cool, the car’s V8 power and sound, and its willingness to move the rear are all gimmicks that add up to a respectably unique muscle car Europe has had to wait until now to enjoy.


And all that at a price that gives you a lot of car for the money with a bonus: it looks like nothing else in Europe.

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