After an explosive comeback over a decade ago, Mini has been struggling to build a brand identity—mostly due to the tendency for newer models to bloat beyond anything resembling the namesake. Mini has decided to bring back the ‘Seven’ title, remembering the days when the little car was called an Austin Seven in a desperate attempt to appeal to heritage hipsters.

Of course the Mini Seven isn’t anything more than a visual package on the existing 3-door and 5-door Mini Cooper and Cooper S. No weight savings. No extra ponies. Just a name, some paint, some trim, and a weak attempt at digging the roots of the car’s heritage back out of the ground.

The new exterior color options mentioned in the release are Pepper White, Midnight Black, British Racing Green and Lapisluxury Blue, which I like it so we’re cool. The silver roof is standard on the Seven. For the interior there’s an exclusive Diamond Malt Brown leather and fabric combo on the seats and trim, a Mini Seven logo on the dash, and additional “display content” on the infotainment system.



We don’t yet know how much more this Mini Austin Seven Heritage Exclusive Deluxe Hipster Peace Special will cost over a normal Cooper, but it will have to fit into the budget of a musician, barista, or writer’s salary.

You can get it with any of the existing Cooper packages, engines, transmissions—it’s essentially a hipster sleeve over a traditional Cooper you can stroke your ego with. Nothing personal. I do like the blue, but at what price? Are my fellow teen hipster pals going to know what an Austin Seven is?