The New Mercedes SLK: A Little Off The Nose And Chin Doc

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It looks like the sporting folks at Auto Express managed to get their hands on some early photos of the facelifted Mercedes SLK that we've been showing you spy shots of. As with other Mercedes products, the new SLK retains the sport F1-style nose and gets a revised front bumper with a new split design. Out back the taillights grow sleeker and thinner.


We don't have details on what will be going on under the hood, though educated suspicion leads towards a mixture of engines, including a slightly retuned version of the current gen's V6, which is good for about 272 hp in SLK 350 trim. We'll let you know as soon as we here more. [AutoExpress via CarScoop]

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Actually, I think the plastic surgery makes her look a bit nicer. Not outrageously better, but a nice, subtle MB evolution. Thumbs up. And 40K isn't a bad price, when you consider that even a Subie STi is hitting that mark these days. For those who want a BIT of performance, a nice metal folding roof, and a cush ride, the manual version is a quite reasonable choice. I doubt anyone who is talking down this little fox has driven one recently. They have improved the breed considerably in the past few years.