The New McLaren 625C Is A Slower And Softer 650S For Asia

Get this: The 625C, McLaren's "first regionally tailored model" is a 650S with less power and a softer suspension built exclusively for the Asian market. The C stands for Club, not China.

McLaren entered the Chinese market in September 2013 and is set to sell every third car it makes there this year. To return the favor, the least they could do is develop a car with those Asian customers in mind. The result is the 625C, a car with 616 horsepower instead of 641 and McLaren's famous active suspension tuned with a less stiff spring rate at the rear for comfort instead of hardcore action at the track.


It will still do 62 mph in 3.1 seconds while 124 mph comes in 8.8 seconds (for the Coupé). McLaren also managed to keep maximum speed at 207 mph for the fixed roof version despite the lower power compared to the 650S.

Basically, this is your new 12C daily driver, which isn't a bad thing.

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