Are you one of those sad, lonely people whose life isn't worth living anymore because GM no longer makes the Pontiac Trans Am? Well, don't let the lack of a modern Pontiac version of the new Camaro (or even the lack of Pontiac, for that matter) get you down — this Florida company has you covered.

Trans Am Depot is in the business of turning the current Zeta-based Camaro into a modern tribute to the Pontiacs of yore, namely the GTO and the 60s and 70s Trans Am. They have a new one out fitted with all sorts of Hurst goodies, and it is fittingly called the Hurst Edition Trans Am.


Here's the epic commercial for this latter-day screaming chicken. As you can see, owning one will improve your life dramatically, allowing you and your daisy duke-wearing girlfriends to go on wonderful joyrides, eat ice cream on the beach, and look good in a cocktail dress.

You know you want all of those things. Get yourself into a new Trans Am, post haste!

Hat tip to Autoblog!

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