The New Gran Turismo 6 Demo Could Make You A Real Race Driver

Illustration for article titled The New iGran Turismo 6/i Demo Could Make You A Real Race Driver

Can you barely contain your excitement for Gran Turismo 6? Then good news: you'll only have to contain it for a few more days. And if you're skilled enough, it could mean your shot at actual racing.


Gaming website Joystiq reports that a playable GT6 demo will drop on Tuesday, July 2. They say it could assuage some fears that the game really won't be out by the holiday season, though given Gran Turismo's awful record when it comes to delays, we're right to be skeptical.


Also, more good news for expert GT players who want to move into the real deal: this demo is the qualifying method for GT Academy 2013, which propels gamers into the real life Nissan racing team where they have been known to kick copious amounts amounts of ass. Qualifying ends on July 28, but the demo will still be fully playable after that.

Anyone up for taking a shot at the big leagues by starting in Gran Turismo?

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If I didn know better I'd think this was a sponsored post.

The GT academy is interesting but if you aren't fast out of the gate your chances go down by the day. Even being someone who can pretty consistently put times in the top 10% of the nation means absolutely nothing in these events.

That being said, I hope we get a good look at the changes they hope to bring this fall what with how little headroom they have to play with on the ps3 and that the event doesn't get botched like the Indy road course event last year.